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Resources for our community following the school violence in Texas

We are all finding ourselves, once again, grieving the senseless deaths of more students in America’s public schools—this time at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

As more details become public about the shooting, it is important that you have resources for talking with children who may have questions or otherwise need to cope with the news. To support such conversations at home, we are providing some links to resources:

Along with conversations that you may have at home, we have counselors, psychologists, administrators and teachers who are also available to talk to children.

We continue to make safety our top priority in Lakewood. With our districtwide focus on “Belonging” and our ever-expanding mental and behavioral health supports, we are working to ensure that schools are welcoming and safe places every day. We offer a full range of supports: the “Say Something Anonymous Reporting System” is used to report concerns about potential violence and self-harm. Social-emotional curriculum resources include “Second Step” in grades K-8 and “Character Strong” in grades 9-12.

We have caring, trained staff: counselors, deans, nurses, Student Support Advocates (K-5 and 6-12), a Student Assistance Professional, a high school Student Success Coordinator, and student support teams (e.g. CARE, Child Study) at each school. All are ready to support and respond when anyone identifies needs in our students. We are currently piloting a “Handle with Care” program among nurses and counselors that offers a means for ensuring consistent supports are in place throughout the day for identified students. This will expand to all staff next year.

We are enhancing support to families seeking access to public and community services through a new online resource called “Care Solace.” Please look for more information about that in the coming days. We are presently establishing a Mental Health Support Leadership Team to monitor and enhance resources districtwide. We have built a robust partnership with LINC NW that offers access to public services to students before, during and after school, as well as adult mentoring through the HOPE Mentoring program.

In the end, our greatest safety and support asset is the quality of our relationships. If you feel that your child is in need of support, please reach out to someone you trust in our schools—whether they are teachers or other staff members. Each school community is filled with caring people whose job it is to help kids lead safe, healthy, inspiring lives.

Scott Peacock, Superintendent