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Students celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

students singing

Students remembered the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during assemblies this week. At Cougar Creek Elementary, students sang songs about freedom and about the natural world. While many people know that King was a leader during the civil rights movement, it’s not as well-known that he fought for environmental justice and Native American rights. Students sang “Sing About Martin,” “Tall Cedar Tree” from the Lummi Tribe and other songs. 

students singingAt English Crossing and Lakewood Elementary, students sang songs about the civil rights era, such as “Sing About Martin,” “Everybody Ought to Know” and “Back of the Bus,” referring to civil rights activist Rosa Parks, “the mother of the freedom movement.” At the end of the assembly, everyone was invited to sing a song that is sung around the world by people seeking freedom, “We Shall Overcome.”

At Lakewood Middle School and Lakewood High School, students watched a video from the Association for Washington Student Leaders. Leadership students gave a presentation about Dr. King and students learned that they can still draw inspiration from King’s legacy. King believed in the power of the human spirit and that we can be better for and to one another.