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Summer Academy: Learning continues inside and outside the classroom

students looking at an insect with butterfly nets

Learning is an adventure! During these past three weeks at Lakewood Summer Academy, students went on adventures designed by our committed Summer Academy teachers. They learned how to collaborate with other kids (sometimes from a different elementary school), they stretched their muscles in new ways, and they explored the natural world around us.

While they “stopped to smell the roses,” this class of elementary students spent some time learning about insects, spiders, plants and other creatures that live in LWSD’s Native Growth Protection Area along the cross-country trail. They caught and released moths, butterflies, bees, flies, leaf hoppers, and more. They learned to avoid stinging nettles and not to touch or eat anything along the way.

Students working on a garden bed.

Incoming middle school students got a head-start during their summer class. Mornings began at the middle school where they had a chance to do activities like taking a school tour or talking with Principal Amanda Cote. They spent the second part of the class planting garden beds outside the greenhouse near Lakewood High School. They observed caterpillars turn into butterflies and released the butterflies into the garden.

student editing video on a computer

It may have been sunny outside, but inside Lakewood High School, video production students were searching for just the right sound clips to bring their scary movies to life. Students acted and edited their own movies using industry-standard software.

student with chocolate cake and marshmallows

The smell of baked goods wafted from the culinary classroom at Lakewood High School as elementary students took cakes and other goodies out of the oven. Students practiced measuring, planning and cooperating, with something delicious to take home at the end of each day.


students with solar dump trucks  

In Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, students learned how to read instructions to build solar-powered robots, tested paper airplanes outside, and built model cars.

students holding button art

student using a compassThe Pacific Northwest class learned about First Nations Button Blankets from a special guest and had a chance to make their own button designs. They worked in teams to learn the skill of orienteering: reading a map, a compass, and other directions to work their way through a pre-set course.

students playing spikeball

students playing tennisSecondary students also had a chance to practice their coordination with new sports and activities, such as spikeball, soccer, tennis, frisbee, weight training and yoga.



students painting

Students had a chance to learn about famous artists such as Picasso, Kadinski, Van Gogh, and Grotjahn, and try out the techniques of these artists during the Painting class. They also created their own styles with various crafts, and they painted friendship rocks to decorate their neighborhoods.

Lakewood Summer Academy was funded with federal ESSER funds.