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Director Boser attends last School Board meeting

As an alum, School Board Director Leaha Boser had a special connection to the Lakewood community. She saw an opportunity to give back to that community when a Board position opened in 2019, and she decided to apply.

During her last meeting on November 1, her fellow board members pointed to her big heart and passion for doing what is best for kids. Board member Dana Krueger said Boser has led positive changes in the district, especially around her passion for making sure kids are fed and increasing school food options at mealtimes. 

Boser says one of her most memorable moments on the board was at the beginning of the pandemic, when the district swiftly put together Meals on the Bus to make sure students were fed, even if they weren’t in school. “Kids got access to food and our staff were able to help and stay involved with kids,” Boser said. She was also proud of the board’s commitment to getting kids back to in-person school, and the district’s status of being the first in the county to bring students back in-person.

Boser has three children in the district and is looking forward to spending more time helping her elementary-age son who has autism. She is optimistic about the direction of the district. “Everyone is so positive and there are lots of great things going on,” she said. “I think the people on the Board have what’s best for kids in their hearts. With that, our district will definitely go far.”