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Launching into physics with a long shot

Distance and accuracy both matter when it comes to launching an object and hitting a target. To overcome Earth’s gravity, machines like catapults and trebuchets rely on energy.

As the semester wrapped up last week, juniors and seniors in Jon Nauert’s physics class tested their trebuchets to see which machine would propel a small ball the farthest and which was the most accurate.

A trebuchet is a special kind of catapult that uses a sling to hurl projectiles. A counterweight creates the force needed to fling the object.

Lakewood High School offers multiple options for students to fulfill their third-year science credit requirement. In addition to physics, juniors and seniors can choose from oceanography/marine biology, chemistry, forensics advanced biology, and science 11 (combines physics and chemistry).

Students can also receive dual college credit for many of these classes through Everett Community College’s College in the High School program. The courses are taught by Lakewood teachers who work closely with EvCC faculty mentors to ensure the work the students perform in the high school course is equivalent to a similar course taught on campus.