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Students learn significance of local plants and animals to Stillaguamish culture

drum circle

Stillaguamish educators wearing traditional clothingThank you to the Stillaguamish Tribe for providing a wonderful learning experience for some of our elementary students. Students had the opportunity to learn about Pacific Northwest plants and animals, the lifecycle of a salmon, traditional woven baskets and accessories, tools, and drums through interactive displays. They also had a chance to sample some sweet fry bread during lunch.

In addition to local Coast Salish customs, students watched a grass dance that is a style of dance used in competition. It originates from the Blackfeet and Plains tribes. Storytime included the mythical giant basket lady who collects children who have disobeyed their parents by wandering too far from the village.

students learning about salmonEducators demonstrated paddling songs, which are used during long canoe journeys to help everyone in the boat stay together. Tribes can also be recognized from land by their songs.

While the wool for skirts and shawls was traditionally gathered from mountain goats, today, the tribe uses sheep wool.