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Is it trash? Club sorts school garbage to find out

Green Thumb Club with trash on a tarp

How much waste does one middle school create in a single day? Lakewood Middle School’s Green Thumb Club conducted a waste audit to find out.

Students sorted items that had been thrown into the trash into piles: items that could have been recycled, compostable food and paper items, trash, and unopened food.

The heaviest pile after the club sorted everything? The compostable food and paper at 52 pounds. Recyclables weighed 28 pounds and the remaining trash only weighed 37 pounds. An additional 9 pounds made up the unopened food.

The Green Thumb Club plans to explore one high-impact step they can take this year to minimize how much compostable or recyclable waste goes into the landfill. They are creating posters for Earth Week to share information with the rest of their school. Waste Management provided supplies for the activity.