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Students share dreams while learning about King

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Elementary students have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. this month as they share their own dreams for the future and gain an appreciation for the power of music.


Fifth graders in Amy Schultz’s Lakewood Elementary class created a collaborative piece of art while learning about King last week. The project also gave them the opportunity to share their dreams.


Music teacher Ethan Lane taught students at English Crossing Elementary and Lakewood Elementary how songs can be used as powerful tools to unite, inspire and create change peacefully. Songs like “We Shall Not Be Moved” can give strength and power to a group of singers, while songs like “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize” can focus and motivate a group to keep working through challenges to accomplish their goals. Students were able to listen to and discuss these songs in music classes.


At Cougar Creek Elementary, students in Tiffany DeWitt’s fifth grade class are learning about King and his work by watching the animated film, “Our Friend Martin.” The film helps students discuss civil rights and the struggle for equality. They have an opportunity to write about their own aspirations and dreams for the future. Fifth graders also voted on a service project. They participated in a “warm sock drive” over winter break and collected 150 pairs of socks for Kidz Klozet and the food bank.