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Aging schools create challenges for students, staff

With an average age of 35 years old – the oldest school being 65 years old – many of our schools need facilities improvements to continue to meet the needs of our students and staff. Overcrowding means teachers travel with carts between classrooms; lunches start early and end late; some schools can't have all-school assemblies that help to build a positive school culture.

Maintenance can no longer get parts for one of our boilers. One electrical panel is 65 years old. Maintenance staff fix leaks on the middle school roof multiple times per week during wet weather. When the power goes out, the antiquated communications systems at two schools don’t always come back on.

Safety is a concern. Multiple buildings and multiple points of entry make it difficult to secure our oldest schools. Visitors have difficulty finding the main office at the middle school. Fire control panels at two schools need to be replaced. Steep slopes and crumbling pathways make accessibility an issue.

After talking with staff and touring schools, the Citizens’ Facilities Advisory Committee recommended long-term solutions focused on future capacity and growth and short-term solutions focused on maintenance & preservation and safety & security.

Watch the video to learn more and read the full CFAC report.