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Schools celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

students singing

students playing trumpetStudents performed songs of peace, kindness and freedom during Martin Luther King Jr. assemblies this month.

At English Crossing Elementary's assembly, the fifth grade band students had a chance to perform on their instruments while other students played xylophones. Each class had a different song prepared to sing for parents and other audience members.   

students giving high fiveAt Lakewood Middle School, students were asked to create a playlist for their school by answering the question: What should our halls and classrooms sound like? On the playlist card they wrote their dreams for the school. Hallways were also decorated with student artwork about MLK and about his messages of peace and equality.

speaker at asssemblyLakewood High School held an all-school assembly with poet and speaker Christian Paige, who told students, "Be care what it is that you wish for. Because I know everyone of you is powerful enough to make it happen." Paige received that message from one of Martin Luther King's friends, Dr. Anrew Young, when he was 22 and never forgot it. He asked students to think about what Martin Luther King said to young people and encouraged them to change the world by influencing the people "3 feet around you" so that they feel love, respect and valued. "Where would hate live?" Paige asked, if everyone influenced the people 3 feet around them so they felt love, respect and valued.