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National School Counseling Week

Students in Karin Robinson’s class at Cougar Creek Elementary were learning about resiliency this week with school counselor Bailey Richardson. Each lesson starts with a “mindful music meditation.” Then, using a book called, “Weathering the Storm,” students had a chance to hold their Slumberkins stuffies and think about how the characters reacted to a challenging situation.

Students learned that: “I can get through the storm. I can find my way home. I am loved and supported. I am never alone.”

After storytime, students had a chance to be creative to solve a problem. While a storm (both literal storms and storms in our own lives) might cause destruction, students had the opportunity to think about what they could create with what was left.

Feb. 5-9 is National School Counseling Week. School counselors are certified educators. The combination of their training and experience makes them an integral part of the total educational program. Every day they collaborate with families, teachers, principals, and other school staff to help students be successful. Thank you to Marli Bartness (ECE), Meghan Corrales (LMS), Kira Galbraith (LES), Calista Ham (LHS), Steve Hecimovich (LMS), Heidi Klippert (LHS), and Bailey Richardson (CCE)!