Lakewood School District Surplus Technology

The Lakewood School District #306 Board of Directors announced the sale of surplus equipment on “as is” basis. The District makes no promise regarding the functionality of the surplus items. These items are now available to other schools both public and private, located within the State of Washington. Items remaining after January 29, 2021, will be sold to private parties submitting the highest bid. The following items may be viewed by appointments only. Contact the Lakewood School District at 360-652-4500 to set up an appointment. Below is a list of the items available. A link to complete and detailed list with more specific is available at

Surplus Items Inventory 

• 34 Desktops/Workstations (No Hard Drive or Memory)
• 54 Monitors (Various Sizes)
• 3 Printers
• 5 Projectors
• 120 Smart Boards (White Boards Only)

The District will accept sealed bids for any or all of these items until 1:00 PM January 29, 2021. Please mail sealed bids to
Leslie Ryan at the following address:

Lakewood School District
PO Box 220,
N. Lakewood, WA 98259

All envelopes must be clearly marked “Sealed Bid Surplus Items”. The district will not be responsible for the premature opening of unmarked bids.